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To ensure the protection of business premises, a proactive and visible security activity is vitally important.

Mobile security patrols through SWL provide you with additional peace of mind and a proactive service reduces the risk of criminal activity.

Highly visible mobile patrols are carried out in our security liveried vehicles that are tracked and monitored from our 24 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Our security teams will maintain the visual deterrent, we already manage visits to industrial estates, retail parks, commercial and business establishments, and residential properties.

In addition to any obvious threat our visits also ensure that all windows and doors are secured during the silent hours.


SWL can also provide internal mobile / foot patrols entering your premises to walk through your building in addition to the external perimeter areas.

Whilst the number of patrol visits is agreed, all times are completely random to keep any potential criminal perpetrator guessing.

In the event of an attempted or actual break-in, our 24-hour ARC operators will notify a keyholder of your choice and request the assistance of the police before further investigation is carried out.

In addition, wherever there is an increased threat to security identified we can support a location with sited security personnel to further deter during any risk period in support of our mobile service.

SWL Security is an Approved Contractor of the Security Industry Authority and has been for five years.  Not all security companies belong to the SIA but we believe that the standards adopted by the SIA are good for the industry and our customers.

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