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Specialist Asset Recovery

As part of our security offering, SWL provide our customers with property protection through our asset tracking service. The SWL service is UK wide and we can track a variety of valuable items.

Commonly, we track…

  • Building site plant
  • Equipment
  • Motor homes
  • Caravans 
  • Private vehicles
  • Company fleets

However, our service isn’t restricted to the above items, we can track most things of value. This has resulted in the recovery of many thousands of pounds worth of assets, most of which would have been lost without the use of our service.

A fully qualified engineer will install a GPS tracking device on your property and in the event of theft our 24 x7 monitoring team will locate your asset from our manned Alarm Receiving Centre, working with the police to quickly locate stolen items.

Once located, SWL can also recover and return your asset to a chosen location of your choice.

The SWL asset recovery service removes anxiety, as you can be safe in the knowledge that, if your property is stolen, it stands a much greater chance of being recovered.

Industry wide statistics calculate that just 10% of stolen equipment is successfully recovered, but with an asset tracking and a covertly fitted device the chances of recovery dramatically increase.

Only 10% recovery without asset recovery.


Up to 90% recovery rate with asset recovery


Asset tracking and monitoring quickly recovers your lost or stolen property, saving you money and greatly reducing the stress associated with property theft.

SWL Security is an Approved Contractor of the Security Industry Authority and has been for five years.  Not all security companies belong to the SIA but we believe that the standards adopted by the SIA are good for the industry and our customers.

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