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Customer Testimonial…

Hi Camden Town Unlimited,

I took some pictures to highlight the fantastic job your Camden team is doing. The change on the High Street is evidently clear, the CTU Business Warden impact has made a huge difference. Our High Street looks and feels safer/cleaner.

Only a few weeks a ago we had a very hostile customer he was deterred by our security and myself. He started to become threatening stating he will bring a knife for me. At this point our guard had already made a call out through radio for CTU. As the individual started to get louder at the perfect moment two CTU officers turned up and the whole situation was under control. He was taken away and never seen again.

There impact is invaluable to the businesses on the High Street and the local community. I also live in Camden and can see the impact with homelessness reducing.

The only shame is we don’t have the team working weekends. I hope this helps.

Many Thanks

Robel Araia